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Research Proposal On Workplace Discrimination

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Research Proposal

1.0 Research Topic

Workplace Discrimination

1.1 Research Question

Does workplace discrimination affect the health of employees?

2.0 Literature Review

The Oxford English dictionary defines discrimination as “the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex”. Workplace discrimination as the name implies is a discrimination that takes place in the work environment. Workplace discrimination can come in form of racial, sex, age discrimination etc.

2.1 Workplace discrimination can occur in structural ways through various work practices, spoken or unspoken work policies which create, encourage and perpetuate inequality among employees in the workplace. These inequalities may manifest in such things like unequal pay or barriers to promotion which could hinder chances for an employee to improve his/her social economic status (Williams D R. 1999).

2.2 Research equally found that inequality in the workplace could have an influence on job assignments in a way that the ethnic minorities are given seemingly unpleasant and hazardous job tasks (Robinson J B. 1985, 1987). Another research found that increased exposure to occupational hazards as a result of racial inequality leads to increased risk for work related injury and illness among particular groups of workers (Friedman-Jimenez 1989).

2.3 Furthermore, a different study found that illness or injury can threaten employee’s job security, ability to return to work and future employability, and all of these factors have implications on employee’s social economic well-being. Also racial or ethnic minority workers typically dominate the most dangerous and hazardous work in the workplace (LaVeist TA. 2005).

2.4 More so, research suggests that social factors relating to racial or ethnic status could influence health or bring about difference in health condition. Among these factors is racial discrimination, which is an important correlate of health. (Williams DR, 2003) In the United States, a wide range of health outcomes, including but not limited to depression, high blood pressure and substance use are associated with self reported racial discrimination ( Paradies Y, 2006)

2.5 Previous studies on discrimination and health have mostly focused on the experience of discrimination at a global scale. For instance, Krieger and Sidney (1996) researched on how blood pressure was associated with a measure of discrimination at school, in get ...

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