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Valley Forge DBQ

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Valley Forge DBQ

Valley Forge was place about 18 miles northwest of Philadelphia. Washington decided to build a winter camp there so it would be close enough to Philadelphia to keep any eye on the British Army. At the time, it was not going well for George Washington, nor Continental Army, thus brings the question of staying or quitting at Valley Forge. I personally would not quit Valley Forge, reasons being soldiers, motivation, and foreign aid.

Soldiers were one reason why I would not leave Valley Forge. According to document A, there were numerous soldiers becoming ill and/or dying. Around 3,000 soldiers were ill on December 23rd, 1777, and about 4,000 on February 1st, 1778. The death estimates between December and June were 1,800 to 2,500. This document shows how Valley Forge was losing so many soldiers, in so little time. Although staying at Valley Forge would not benefit me since so many illnesses and deaths occurred, it would certainly benefit the army. Since there were an incredibly small amount of people, the army definitely needed more men to fight.

Motivation is another reason why I would not quit Valley Forge. In document C, it portrays two letters written by Dr. Waldo about his experience in Valley Forge. He explains how everything is horrible. Poor food, people were incredibly sick, terrible weather, nasty Cookery, etc. Although everything is just appalling and horrific, the soldiers still manage to show a spirit of Alacrity and Contentment. They still had the great motivation of staying and keep moving forward. Being December, the cheerfulness of the soldiers are still strong, since it is early in the war. In a few months, the soldiers might modify their reactions. People might want to stay since doctors are available to them. If they choose to flee, their chances of finding medical help are exceptionally slim. Document D also gives a great example of motivation. Document D is a motivational essay written by Thomas Paine. In this document, Thomas main idea is to live life the way we want to live it. It also explains how tyranny (dictator) can be compared to Hell and how it not easily conquered. This whole document is greatly written and gives greater motivation for soldiers to remain at Valley Forge.

Foreign aid is the last reason why I would remain at Valley Forge. Although there is not any documents to support this statements, there is, however good explanations. Foreign aid was France signing two treaties with Benjamin Franklin ...

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