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Bipolar And The Stigma Attached

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Bipolar Disorder and the Stigma Attached

Bradey Sheehy


• My story


• 19th Century French Dr.’s Jean Falret and Jules Baillarger

• 1990’s German psychiatrist Emil Krapelin

• Bipolar in the 1960’s

• Help arrives in 1979

• 1980 decision by the American Psychiatric Association


• Most serious form

• Criteria

• symptoms


• Criteria

• Hypomania

• Why it is harder to detect than Bipolar I

• Symptoms


• Self-Stigma

• survey done by Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

• World Federation for Mental Health Study

• Overcoming the Stigma


• Maurice Bernard - Soap Opera Actor on General Hospital

-Diagnosed at the age of 22 after being hospitalized

-Became spokesman for Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

-Bipolar was written into his character on General Hospital

• Carrie Fisher - Actress

-Diagnosed at the age of 24

-Admitted to the disorder in 2000 during a T.V. Interview

-Advocate for many

• Richard Dreyfuss - Actor

• Mel Gibson - Actor

• Kurt Cobain - Singer

• Ernest Hemingway - Author


• Iowa Writer's Workshop

• Does treatment destroy the creativity?


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