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Psychological Impact

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Psychological Impact

An individual’s makeup consists of multicultural concepts and influences on values and beliefs. Sociopolitical factors affect individual’s behavior, personal life, and workplace. Stereotyping, racism, and immigration affect culturally diverse individuals. These three sociopolitical factors have many similarities in the way they affect individuals. In this paper the subject to discuss is the potential impact of stereotyping, racism, and immigration on an individual. Stereotyping refers to possessing a preconceived idea about someone or something. Racism judges someone based on his or her race and the belief that one race is superior to another. Immigration embraces a person or family moving from one country to another and establishing a new life in a new country.


Stereotyping by definition means to take one’s own idea of what he or she believes about a person or a group of people and generalizes that idea to an entire faction of people. Stereotyping does not allow individuality, personality, morals, or other internal concepts that could explain one’s motivation. The focus of stereotyping embellishes the diversity between groups. Stereotyping affects psychological development, produces distress, and impacts behavior.

Psychological development includes cognitive, emotional, intellectual, and social abilities as a child develops into adulthood through old age. Stereotyping stifles the ability for one to learn, to express self, to experience life without prejudice. Parents, family, friends, and others influence a child by passing on ideas, morals, values, beliefs, whether positive, or negative. As the child grows the stereotypes grows. Stereotyping on all levels influences a person’s choices. A child will grow up judging a group, perceiving positive or negative feelings and actions toward the group based on what he or she learned growing up. This causes conflict in a person’s personal life, work career, and the world around him or her. The results could include emotional stress, angry, loss of job, loss of friendships, but the most negative effect includes the loss of discovery about a group or a person who he or she never tried to know.

The impact of stereotyping causing distress embraces emotional stress showing symptoms such as angry, anxiety, avoidance, depression, and panic attacks. History contains many hate groups such as Klu Klux Klan, who hate African Americans and refuse to socialize with them on any level. T ...

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